måndag 6 januari 2014


Time flies, whether we like it to or not. Anoter year has passed and every new beginning brings with it a reflections of time gone by. When we talk about years in particular the reflection usually is over the latest year. Memories, happenings, breakthroughs and so on. Did we make the most of the 365 days?, did we reach our goals?, any regrets? etc.

I do not mean to sound all deep and nostalgic, but I understand those of you who interpret this post in that way. In my defence reflection does that to you.

2014 has just started and has a lot to offer. The calendar is already filling up and along with bithdays, holidays and reunions T and I have finally set the date. The wedding will be in June, YEY! A wedding requires a lot of planning and though taking time off from work is not an option I will need to cut down on baking and the blog instead. I don´t know what the forthcoming six months will look like, but my ambition is to try to keep the blog updated in some way.

I would like to say thanks to my wonderful family and friends for a great 2013, an extra thanks to my sister who brought my beautiful nephews to this world. The joy the give and the way that they make time stan still blindesides me; truly endless love.

Last but utterly not least I would like to say thanks to all other bloggers out there, small as lagre. Thank you for all the inspiration you share and the feedback you give. The blog woulden´t be the same without it.

All my love /Elin

4 kommentarer:

Sara sa...

Åh vad roligt med bröllop! Ett enormt grattis till er båda. :)

Förstår att bakningen/bloggen får stå tillbaka, blir det några "bröllopsinlägg"?

Kram krm

Emmelie sa...

I'm so proud and honored to be a part of your big day ❤
Love Em

Elin Eriksson sa...

@Sara, vi får se om det blir några inlägg kring bröllopet :)

Elin Eriksson sa...

@Em, <3