onsdag 15 januari 2014

Finding the perfect dress

Last weekend my bridesmaides came into town to help me look for my wedding gown. I thought I had a clear picture of what the dress would look like, my picture turned out to be way off. Trying out dresses made me realise many things and in the end of the day I actually think I found the perfect dress. Since the dress is a secret I will not show any pictures of the actual dress yet, the pictures below are from the bridal shop, a sweet little place in Sundbyberg, Stockholm.

Planning this wedding I continuously look for new inspiration, many hours spent in front of the computer/phone searching for the big as well as the little things. Hopefully the major decisions such as the dress, photographer, melody, singer and some other stuff will be mad soon and I can just concentrate on the little things. In the end of the day thats´s more my passion.

I have included some of my favorite inspirational pictures from instagram, I try to save all the pictures that catch my eye. Hopefulle they will come in handy later on.

This will have to be all for now, if everything was to continue at the same speed I will be back in the kitchen baking in less than no time. My nephews birthday is coming up and I have a christening in March. In other words, a lot to look forward to!

Have a great week!

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